4 packages for your pet. Rates are set according to dog size.
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1-on-1 grooming

Appointments are solely for your pet. Your pet will go exclusive 1-on-1 grooming.


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A Base Selection of Grooming Packages

Please also see our list of services that may compliment your package 

bath & Brush

Blow Dry

►A simple bathing, drying, and brushing (up to 15 mins) for the person on the go. If your pet is covered in mud after a hike in the park, this package is for you.

touch up

Blow Dry
Scissor Touch-up on Face
Scissor Touch-up on Legs
Pads Trimmed 

►This package is for those pets who had full service haircut and want to stay neat and tidy while waiting for their next full service visit.

classic premium

Blow Dry
Full Haircut
Ear Cleaning & Trim
Sanitary Trim
Pads Shaved and Balm
Nails Trimmed & Smoothed
Teeth Cleaning
Anal Gland Expression
External Health Check 

►The classic full service grooming. This package is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

Premium +

Everything in the Premium package plus FURminator 

••FURminator is a treatment that de-sheds all the loose / dead hair under your pet’s coat that greatly minimizes shedding all over your home. This is followed by deep massaging treatment with natural conditioners enriched with proteins, omega oils, vitamins, and herbal extracts which promotes healthy skin and coat. 


While grooming keep your pets smelling wonderful and looking great, there are a number of other benefits.

positive behavior

One of the most important benefit of grooming is that it affects your pet’s mental health, thus leading to positive behavior and reinforcements.

Ear health

Keeping your pet’s ears free and clear of gunk is important to prevent ear infections, which is one of the leading causes of deafness.

hair & skin health

Professional grooming helps in the removal of dead skin, dirt, and anything else lurking below. Unruly hair leads to matting which causes hematomas.

nail health & Posture

Nail trims not only keep nails short but also help in reinforcing healthy foot structure and posture, while reducing the risk of infection and arthritis.


Education. Experience. Certified. Love.


An avid pet lover, the founder of Chely’s Pets earned a biology degree and a veterinarian education. 


The founder has groomed over 1,500 furry pets of all shapes, sizes, and breeds during a decade working side-by-side with a veterinarian.  

certified. safety.

Our experience, education, and grooming certifications not only will make your pet jump with joy but also recognizes us that safety is a top priority. We are proud to be an AKC S.A.F.E. Certified Groomer.

Free articles

Chely’s Pets takes pet grooming seriously. It is a lifelong venture in staying on top of the latest methodologies, styles, and continual learning. We distill bits of knowledge on our blog / social media, providing you (and your pet) with priceless free information.

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